Protecting Your Assets for Future Generations

Estate planning can be a complex process that requires careful consideration of a variety of factors, from your assets and liabilities to your family situation and long-term goals. For most of us, creating a working estate plan is not something that can be done with a simple online form or a quick consultation with a financial planner. On the other hand, some clients are sold a complex trust package, though this was unnecessary to achieve their estate planning goals.

We provide guidance and assistance as you navigate the process of creating a plan to meet your unique needs. With our extensive knowledge in the areas of guardianship, we know the “red-flags” in an estate plan – and help you avoid a future that brings a loved one into the guardianship court arena. You are not just planning for your ultimate passing, but for those other “curve-balls” that come at you along the way. Who will act for you if you have a medical event? Who is best-served to handle my financial affairs? If one spouse needs long term care, how do you ensure the other spouse can handle their own affairs?

With our help, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a solid plan in place. An estate plan is fluid, and we understand this. We love to watch our clients evolve, and we are here for check-ups along the way.

Passing on your assets to future generations can be a tricky task. Be sure to hire an experienced Trust Attorney to help you through the process.
Passing on your assets to future generations can be a tricky task. Be sure to hire one of Reno's most experienced Estate Planning team to help you through the process.

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